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We use a holistic approach to support with the school community and its particular culture.

Our Services

Our team of highly trained professionals work closely with district and school administrators to design a customized professional development plan targeting the specific needs of individual schools and the surrounding community.

360 Degree Program:

  • Coaching for educators

  • Workshops & seminars for educators

  • Parent Academies

  • Parent Universities

  • Collaborative Programs for students, teachers, and families

  • Student workshops, seminars, and assemblies


  • Professional Development Catalog 

  • Family Engagement

  • Catalog

    • Bullying and Cyberbullying

    • Tech-safety and keeping up with your tech-savvy teen

    • Encouraging Resilience 

    • Structure, Expectations, and Incentives: Encouraging Positive Behavior at Home 

    • A Parent’s Guide to Supervising Homework

    • Encouraging Leadership in Children Social Emotional Well-being

    • Newcomers and Immigrant Families  

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

  • Blog (include videos, news clipings links to social media) 

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